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Shea Writing explains how AI can be used in your business.

How Can You Use AI as a Tool In Your Business?

In 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) has many forms, and you may be interacting with this technology more often than you think without ever realizing it’s actually AI! Companies and organizations all over the world are taking advantage of this technology to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and improve profits. Is it time you took advantage of…

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Shea is a procedure writing company that uses ChatGPT and will show you how to correctly use it too.

How Do You Recommend Citing Content Generated By ChatGPT?

When ChatGPT was first introduced, students were among the early adopters. The AI program was quickly used to write essays for their classes as well as college admissions and scholarship applications. As the AI content generator became more of a household name, many businesses followed suit and embraced the program as a way to write…

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Is It Time to Improve Your Communication Skills?

Did you know that, according to Warren Buffett, if you can improve your communication skills, you’ll earn 50% more money? If your employees and peers need to take time out of their day to decipher your communications because they’re so confusing, how much time are they wasting on a regular basis? And if they misunderstand…

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Offshore Wind Drinks - Houston!

Offshore Wind Drinks - Houston
January 2024
5:30pm to 8pm
TBD Location

Offshore Wind Drinks - Houston is proud to be offering another in-person event to safely bring together the Offshore Wind community of Houston for some casual networking.

Please register for the event: 


Technical Writing Workshop

Shea Celebrates 25 years in the Energy industryNovember 7-8, 2023
Are you writing more processes, procedures, reports, or technical papers than you expected?

Are your reports highly technical and too complicated for others to understand? Do you know how everything works and now you have been tasked with documenting it all? Is English your second language?

Our Technical Writing Workshop will provide you with skills and resources that develop efficiencies in technical writing to help you present your content clearly and accurately!

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26th Anniversary

Shea Celebrates 26 years in the Energy industryCelebrating more than 25 Years of Creating Clarity though Technical Writing

Thanks to our dedicated team of writers, quality documentation, satisfied clients, and referrals, Shea has reached the quarter century milestone!

We are proud to have served the Energy Industry for more than 25 years and look forward to the next 25 years! 

Look for way to celebrate with us on our social media channels. 

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