Our Mission is to help our clients reduce risk, improve performance, and protect lives.

Diversity and Inclusion

Getting to Net Zero

Shea Writing and Training Solutions is committed to helping companies, engineers, and project and asset managers communicate effectively about critical topics such as the health and safety of employees, effective and efficient employee performance, and the protection of assets.

For clients ranging from individual departments to global corporations, Shea can provide:

  • Rapid deployment and expert document development.
  • Extra resources for documentation projects with tight schedules or deadlines.
  • Experienced technical communications consultants to augment your team, enabling your own professionals to focus on their core duties and tasks.


Shea Writing and Training Solutions is proud to be a woman-owned business enterprise. We have been a certified WBE with WBENC since 1999 and maintain WBE, Disadvantaged Business (DBE), Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) and Small Business (SBE) certifications with state and local governments and agencies. Our diverse staff is over 75% female.

We are consciously unbiased in recruiting.

We seek and support MWBE and SBE vendors as part of our supplier diversity program.


As citizens of planet earth, we are passionate about doing our part to get to net zero for carbon emissions in our activities. From a long-term commitment to recycling in our offices, to developing a strategy for net zero in our operations, we are doing our part to contribute to the health of our planet.

We kicked off a more aggressive campaign to reduce our carbon footprint with a decision to move our business model to a virtual office in the fall of 2019. We listed our office building for sale in January 2020 and began preparing to move our technology and systems to support a 100% remote work force.

We all know what happened next. In March 2020 we rapidly transitioned with much of the rest of world to remote working and now we are fully functioning with a remote workforce. We have eliminated emissions from travel to and from our office and the carbon footprint of maintaining an office building with lighting, air conditioning, heat, and other electrical usage.

Getting to net zero is a journey and we are on the path. Each small step adds to the overall goal. Our founder, Evalyn Shea, has always been concerned about the planet. From deciding in June 1980 to stop eating meat because it was better for the planet, to turning off lights, and recycling when it required collection, separation, and taking it to a recycling center, Evalyn has maintained a consistent focus on doing the right thing for the planet and all its inhabitants. She and we invite you to join us on this journey and add your commitment to our pledge to achieve net zero in our operations by 2025.

The Shea Difference


Proven Processes

Our developed and tested workflows and processes can be adapted to suit any documentation project. These defined processes help ensure alignment and efficiency at each stage of the project. 


Software and Automation Tools

Our experienced staff can work within a variety of document management systems.

In addition, we create custom tools using standard MS Office™ that reduce development time and maintain document control and consistency.


The Right People

Our people really define “The Shea Difference”

They possess a diverse range of industry and educational backgrounds, which enables us to meet the unique needs of our clients. Unlike many in our industry, Shea colleagues are our employees, not contractors. Over the years, this approach has served our clients well and has helped us to better maintain standards for performance and quality. 

Let our experienced consultants help you develop user-friendly
high-quality documentation.