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Since 1997, Shea Writing & Training Solutions has supported clients in a range of industries, helping them produce clear and concise technical documentation that supports safe and effective job and overall business performance. From offshore oil and gas to precise manufacturing, construction, or government services, our clients’ needs are as diverse as their markets. We bring industry best practices that help reduce risk, improve performance, and save lives.

Industry-specific solutions are based on global best practices.

Oil & Gas

From offshore and onshore upstream drilling and production operations to midstream pipelines and downstream refining and chemicals, the oil and gas industry is a focus area…
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Today’s Maritime industry faces increased scrutiny to maintain systems and program documentation and to confirm compliance with a range of regulations and standards…
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Process & Manufacturing

Safety, operational risk, and competency management are concerns for heavy manufacturing and processing where workers are exposed to potential hazards and injuries from equipment and materials…
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Medical & Pharmaceutical

The successes or shortcomings of medical and scientific organizations have a uniquely direct impact on the wellbeing of their clients…

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Budget pressures can stretch resources as documentation requirements for government agencies continue to grow. Shea Writing & Training Solutions has helped government clients at the local…
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