We at Shea strongly believe that accurate, usable documentation improves performance, reduces risk, and saves lives.

Since 1997, Shea Writing and Training Solutions, Inc., has supported clients in a range of industries, helping them produce clear and concise technical documentation that supports safe, effective performance. From offshore oil and gas to precise manufacturing, construction, or government services, our clients’ needs are as diverse as their markets.


In the age of information, the biggest concern for the modern consumer is transparency. Customers want to know that their products are handled properly throughout production. For companies in the agricultural industry, who are at the heart of production, documenting…

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From air traffic control to flight attendants, every sector of operation is critical for the safety of passengers and crew members. Standard Operating Procedures give your workers clear instructions to maintain the safe and efficient functioning of your aircrafts. Shea…

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Coordination is key when working on a construction project, one misstep can have disastrous consequences. The best way to ensure all processes run smoothly and efficiently with one another is through proper documentation. Shea Writing and Training Solutions specializes in…

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Education is the foundation of our work force. From chemical engineering to culinary arts, each sector relies heavily on the competency of our education system. Over the years, this system has become as diverse as the workforce it produces. So,…

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Shea can write regulatory and compliance documentation


Financial data requires diligent management and safeguards to validate your customers’ trust in you to manage their money. Whether you work in the commercial banking sector, or manage stock portfolios, financial transactions are sensitive and require constant oversight. Financial markets…

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Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry is continuously being transformed by innovation as well as shifting consumer preferences. With the constant pressure to generate new products to maintain consumer interest, it becomes increasingly important to identify what makes your products authentic.…

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Budget pressures can stretch resources as documentation requirements for government agencies continue to grow. Shea Writing & Training Solutions has helped government clients at the local, state, and federal levels; including public sector contractors. Our documentation experts can help with…

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IT, Software, and Cybersecurity

With new technology constantly changing this fast-paced industry, it is important to find expedient ways to bridge the gap between the product and consumer. Customers need clear and concise instructions in order to make the best use of your product.…

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Medical and Pharmaceutical- Shea Writing and Training Solutions

Medical and Pharmaceutical

The successes or shortcomings of medical and scientific organizations have a uniquely direct impact on the wellbeing of their clients. With such a fundamental connection to the health, safety, and lifestyle of people worldwide, it is crucial to optimize the…

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nuclear documentation


As the energy sector modernizes according to global trends, companies are looking to invest in clean energy sources. Nuclear power is often overlooked due to the lack of understanding of its potential as an energy source. Clear and concise documentation…

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Oil and Gas

From offshore and onshore upstream drilling and production operations to midstream pipelines and downstream refining and chemicals, the oil and gas industry is a focus area for Shea Writing & Training Solutions.

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Shea writers help documnet process abd manufacturing documentation

Process and Manufacturing

Safety, operational risk, and competency management are concerns for heavy manufacturing and processing where workers are exposed to potential hazards and injuries from equipment and materials. From training to prepare employees for performing tasks safely to procedures that support safe…

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Real Estate

The Houston housing market is steadily on the rise as promising job fields lure more and more people from around the country and the world. The growing demand necessitates an increase in resources, most essentially employees. Shea Writing and Training…

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transportation and logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Whether you’re transporting an aircraft engine across the country or delivering a cake for a child’s birthday party, when it comes to maintaining a standard of quality in transportation, all cargo is precious cargo. Standards are the best way to…

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