About project

Period: July through September 2018

Subject: Installation, operation, and maintenance manual development for natural gas meter

Shea was contacted by Dresser™ Natural Gas Solutions, currently Dresser™ Utility Solutions (Dresser), a leading provider of measurement, instrumentation, piping solutions and over pressure protection devices for the global energy industry. They had developed a new compact rotary meter with a digital index. At the same time, a software platform used for several of their products was being updated to include support for this new meter which enables users to communicate with the meter and configure it from their computer. Shea was brought on the project to create an installation, operation, and maintenance (IOM) manual for this new meter, an installation guide to include with the product, and update the software manual. 


Working closely with their product development team and subject matter experts (SMEs), Shea fulfilled Dresser’s needs with a comprehensive service approach, including: 

  • Quickly assessing the company’s template and branding requirements, evaluating their current documents and goals, and assembling a prototype.
  • Developing new templates for the documents that were designed to be used for this project as well as future projects, giving their documents consistency and improving ease-of-use.
  • Reviewing product requirements, illustrations, design documents, and specifications to determine content to include.
  • Creating illustrations from design documents and incorporating illustrations provided. 
  • Capturing and labeling photos and screen images to reinforce the document content.
  • Performing work during the product’s development and testing cycle with the goal of having all work completed simultaneous with the product’s release.
  • Updating the existing MeterWare software manual to include software updates and support for this new meter, including installing and working with the software.
  • Performing scenarios, documenting the users’ experiences, and providing feedback to the development team about the hardware and software designs.
  • Maintaining consistent, open communication with Dresser’s team to report on progress, gather information, and facilitate comment resolution meetings during the project. 
  • Working with their team to test the final delivery of the Dresser™ MeterWare Software Manual on the software media (USB drive).


Within three months of production, Shea developed templates and three manuals for the products in time for the scheduled product release. The Dresser 10C25 Installation Supplement was provided with the product in a printed booklet format. The Dresser™ MeterWare Software Manual was provided on the software media and available to the user from within the software. All manuals are also currently available on the product pages of the client’s web site: https://dresserutility.com

The meter’s IOM Manual and the  MeterWare Software Manual were submitted, with the client’s approval, to the STC Alliance Competition. The Dresser™ Model 10C25 Series K Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual received an Award of Excellence, and the Dresser™ MeterWare Software Manual received an Award of Merit.