About project

Period: October 2019 through April 2020

Subject: IT and Cybersecurity Documents for US subsidiary of a Global 500 Energy Company 

 Shea was contacted by the energy company to assist with developing, standardizing, and updating their IT and cybersecurity documents. Our work was considered critical to future cybersecurity incident responses, we also created job descriptions and IT policies and standards.


To support this company, the onsite technical writers worked on multiple projects for the company IT group that included:

  • Analyzing existing cybersecurity incident response documents and forms to determine their validity and researching current industry trends in order to develop a robust Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) prior to an internal audit.
  • Developing job descriptions for IT personnel to assist in discovering redundancies and streamlining job functions.
  • Reorganizing and creating IT polices on an as-need basis.
  • Providing templates to use in developing the IT and cybersecurity documents for maintaining formatting, consistency, and readability.
  • Maintaining consistent, open communication with the client company to report on progress, gather information, and facilitate comment resolution meetings.


Shea completed the CSIRP and drafts of the job descriptions within six weeks of production. The CSIRP was approved by the client and ready ahead of schedule for the company’s upcoming internal audit. The job descriptions were also quickly approved by the client, resulting in faster distribution and implementation for the company. Following the successful completion of the projects, we were awarded a contract extension to complete a policies and standards development project.


Shea faced challenging deadlines and limited availability of subject matter experts for necessary interviews, but was able to work diligently and efficiently with the client to meet their company’s requirement for their IT and cybersecurity documents. Shea’s successful efforts have resulted in continued communication with the company for future project work.