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Documentation Management

From single documents to hundreds, Shea has the processes, tools, and capabilities to manage the work from start to finish. For projects requiring numerous review and approval cycles, we track progress through each stage and assign resources to maintain overall project momentum. Managing this workflow is integral to the “Shea Difference,” which involves applying proven methods and best practices to ensure efficient document production while maintaining the highest quality and accuracy.

This ability to manage the project work reduces the burden on you. Shea Project Managers work with your team to define standards, priorities, and schedules and provide regular reports of progress against budget spent. Whether your project requires one writer or several, we can organize staff and manage the work at your location or ours. This approach allows us to staff projects to optimize productivity while meeting both schedule and budget requirements.


Shea documentation experts are the best in the field and have worked with clients to create technical documents that have tranformed confusion to clarity through the application of industry best practices in organization, formatting, and editing. Because we have produced a variety of technical materials across a range of industries, chances are we have already created something that can often save time and frustration when you are presented with a new project.

Our practical recommendations are field proven and have been recognized by one client as helping them to create the “best procedures in the industry.” We consider that level of satisfaction the highest compliment and would like to offer that same experience to your organization.

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