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At its core, technical writing is the practice of communicating essential information to an intended audience or end-user.

It is a simple but important mission, and in its pursuit, we have accumulated decades of experience building technical documentation for individuals and industry-leading clients alike. We recognize the continued importance of written media to capture generations of knowledge, explain a product, guide actions and behaviors, or express policy.

No matter what form of technical writing we produce, it’s critical that it is engineered to help readers rapidly access the information they need, and act upon it.

Our most common technical writing deliverables include:

  • Manuals: documents that provide information on a component’s composition, capabilities, or use
  • Processes: documents that explain a series of actions which occur across several roles or between multiple individuals
  • Procedures: documents that dictate the discrete steps to achieve an outcome, performed by a single individual
  • Work Instructions: documents that are easily-referenced with detailed focus on completing a single task
  • Plans: documents that outline a strategic approach to a specific situation or objective
  • Policies: documents that establish enforceable rules or mandatory behaviors
  • Guidelines: documents that recommend best practices or suggested behaviors

We deliver these products to help businesses dependent on technical information run safely and efficiently.  Having knowledgeably-written and refined content empowers organizations to protect their people, products, and operational environments.

Effective communication fosters the culture, learning, and growth in any industry, and our writers are proud to partner in its development.

The Shea Difference

Working with Shea

Whether you have existing content that needs an update and review, or are developing an entirely new document management system, our expert technical writing support goes beyond the pages of your files.

Our goal is customer satisfaction, and we are dedicated to supporting every stage of your development, from outlining ideas to post-production assessments and education on how to write and maintain technical documentation.

What makes us unique in the industry?

Proven Processes

Shea has developed and tested workflows and processes that can be adapted to any type of documentation development project. These defined processes help ensure alignment, transparency, and efficiency at each stage of the project. These processes include the following project stages:

  • Definition of Requirements needs assessment, specifications
  • Prototype Development format, content, level of detail, conventions, sections
  • Draft Development
  • Editing Checklist
  • Quality Assurance Review
  • Client Review and Comments
  • Comment Incorporation
  • Review and Approval
  • Final Submission

Having a well-defined process helps minimize re-work and produces a product that meets your expectations and needs. These processes also provide metrics at each stage to allow for accurate and timely reporting of progress and adherence to schedule and budget.

Software and Automation Tools

Our experienced staff can work within a variety of document management platforms such as SharePoint and Documentum. In addition, we create custom tools using standard MS Office applications that reduce development time and maintain document consistency and control, including:

  • Templates
  • Editing checklists
  • Style guides
  • Version control
  • Flowcharts
  • Charts, figures, and tables

The Right People

Our people really define The Shea Difference.

They possess a diverse range of industry and educational backgrounds, which enables us to meet the unique needs of our clients. Unlike many others in our industry, Shea colleagues are our employees, not contractors. Over the years, this approach has served our clients well and has helped us to better maintain standards for both approach and performance.

The right processes, the right tools, and the right people that is The Shea Difference.

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