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Technical Writing

Our writing and editing support goes far beyond the pages. From initial concept and drafts, to reviews and revisions, and through to final approval and printing, Shea professionals are there when you need them to produce quality documentation that supports your organization. Our proven processes, automation tools, and the “right” people are what set us apart – that’s the “Shea Difference.”…
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Documentation Management & Consulting

Applying proven methods and best practices to ensure efficient document production while maintaining the highest quality and accuracy, Shea document consultants can assist with projects of any size or level of complexity. Working with your team and subject matter experts, we help to define standards, priorities, and schedules to produce documentation that meets your specific project goals.
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Freeing your hazard assessment and risk analysis facilitators from the burden of capturing session results allows them to focus on the objectives of the study or meeting. Our scribes are proficient in scribing software programs, including PHAWoks®, Excel®, and MS Word® templates for information capture and they can help you before the meeting begins and continue until after that final report is delivered.
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Capability & Compliance Services

Shea Capability & Compliance Solutions (Shea CCS), is a subsidiary of Shea Writing & Training Solutions that helps build competency frameworks connecting job and training requirements to the capabilities needed in the workplace. Blending training, competency, and assessment expertise with cultural and organizational change, Shea CCS can help build continuity and reliability into training programs that are designed to reduce risk, improve safety performance, and meet domestic and international standards and regulations.
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