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Shea WTS and Shea CCS Announce Spin Off of Shea CCS as Independent Company Shea CCS becomes fully independent to continue providing exceptional competency consulting and training services Houston, TX, August 2, 2023- Shea Writing and Training Solutions (WTS) and Shea Capability and Compliance Solutions (CCS) are thrilled to announce the spin-off of Shea CCS as an independent company. Since its founding in May 2014 by Shea WTS and Daryl Brister, Shea CCS has been dedicated to providing top-notch competency consulting and training services for frontline workers in the U.S. Today, we are excited to take this next step and establish Shea CCS as an independent entity. Shea CCS has built a strong reputation across frontline industries with a focus on their operations next generation workers and leaders. Over the years, the company has successfully served clients in various sectors including oil and gas, retail electricity, construction, renewable energy, and data centers. This spin off will allow Shea CCS to pursue new opportunities and better serve its clients with enhanced agility and expertise. "We are extremely proud of the journey Shea CCS has taken since its inception," said Shea WTS President, Evalyn Shea. "This spin-off represents a significant milestone for the company. As an independent entity, Shea CCS will be able to leverage its expertise in competency consulting and training to provide even greater value to their clients." Under their new independent structure, Shea CCS will rebrand as Competency Consultancy Solutions. This will provide the “New” CCS the freedom to expand its services, offer more tailored solutions, and deliver innovative training and competency programs to address the evolving needs of our next generation workforce. With the in-depth knowledge and rich experience of its dedicated team, CCS is poised to excel in providing exceptional competency consulting and training services that drive operational excellence and workforce development. "The concept of CCS was started in 2014 to pay it forward to our next generation frontline leaders and workers by helping them build their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Thanks to Evalyn Shea and Shea WTS, we’re now able to step out on our own and continue to help make a difference for companies looking to attract and retain their future workforce," said Daryl Brister, co-founder of CCS. "The new CCS will provide us the flexibility to further invest in our people, technology, and resources, enabling us to help companies embed an innovative Heartset, Mindset, and Skillset in their workforce." As Shea CCS embarks on this exciting new journey, the company remains committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Clients can continue to rely on CCS for comprehensive and industry-leading competency consulting and training services.
About CCS: CCS is an independent competency consulting and training company specializing in frontline operations and next generation leaders and workers. With a track record of excellence and a focus on delivering innovative solutions, CCS serves clients in any industry were safety and technical skills are required. By leveraging its expertise and experience, CCS helps organizations optimize their operations and empower their workforce to achieve operational excellence, all while helping them advance their careers. About Shea Writing and Training Solutions: Shea Writing and Training Solutions is a leading provider of writing and training solutions. With a team of experienced professionals, Shea WTS helps organizations improve their writing skills, develop effective training programs, and enhance communication strategies. Since 1997, Shea WTS has been a trusted partner in driving organizational success through effective communication. Shea WTS has extensive experience in writing procedures, policies, manuals, and reports that are clear, concise, and easy to understand. The company also provides training and coaching to help employees at all levels improve their writing skills and become more effective communicators. Summary: Shea WTS and Shea CCS are excited to announce the spin-off of Shea CCS as an independent company. Shea CCS will rebrand as Competency Consultancy Solutions. With a strong focus on operations and next generation frontline leaders and workers, CCS has provided competency consulting and training services to clients in various industries since its founding in 2014. This spin off will allow the “New” CCS to enhance its services, deliver even greater value to clients, and pursue new opportunities.

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Competency Consultancy Solutions

Competency Consultancy Solutions (CCS) is a leading consultancy helping clients build competency frameworks that connect job and training requirements to the capability needed in the workplace. Blending training, competency and assessment expertise with cultural and organizational change, CCS can help build continuity and reliability into training programs designed to reduce risk, improve safety performance, and meet domestic and international standards and regulations.

Our consultants collaborate with client leadership teams and technical experts to define competencies and assessment standards and design a system that supports individual capability and skills progression from initial hiring through retirement. We then work within teams to provide the training and coaching needed to successfully implement and maintain the system and processes.