Crisis Management and Business Continuity

Preparing response plans before a crisis happens allows you to make decisions about how you respond in a calm, collected manner. Having a plan to follow in a high-stress situation minimizes mistakes and keeps people safe. Whether you need help developing a plan to address unforeseen circumstances or you are updating an existing plan to work better for your business, we have a team of documentation experts ready to help. 

Crisis Response Plans 

Let us help you make the transition from a reactionary to a proactive organization with a documented plan that accurately describes how you do business in the middle of a crisis situation. How do your skills or products align with people’s needs during a crisis? We can help you capture and improve your capabilities and build a written plan to follow through with meeting your goals. 

Emergency Response Plans 

Are your Emergency Response Plans up-to-date? Natural disasters occur on their own schedule. Tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, and other emergency situations require quick, specific responses. Whether your team needs to evacuate, lockdown, or shelter-in-place, having an established plan, and verifying that everyone can competently follow that plan, are vitally important. 

Infectious Disease Response Plans 

How are you protecting your team’s health and safety? Do you have a procedure in place for increased cleaning and sanitation? What personal protective equipment (PPE) are you providing and expecting your team to use? How are you responding to known cases of illness, and what measures are you using to prevent exposure? An Infectious Disease Response Plan answers all these questions and supports your Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) program.  

Continuity of Operations Plans 

Constantly solving problems as they occur in a changing work environment is a stressful and unsustainable way of doing business long-term. When your team needs to work remotely or you’re operating with a reduced staff, you need a plan to consistently provide results. Let us help you write down how you continue doing the things you excel at, whether that’s providing a service, distributing a product, or helping other people meet their needs. We work collaboratively with you to translate your expertise into a workable plan. 

Return to Work Plans 

As businesses reopen after a crisis, having a clearly defined Return to Work Plan will alleviate a lot of the uncertainty and pain points of working toward a new normal. We can help you create the structure you need to resume business with improved safety measures. Let us work with you to determine how you can best return to work safely to protect your team, your business, and your customer relationships. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you develop Crisis Management response plans and Business Continuity plans to keep your team safe and keep your business operating!