Why use our scribing services? Having a dedicated technical scribe frees you to concentrate on what matters most at your meeting: maintaining the focus and flow. From helping PHA facilitators with successful and accurate risk assessments to providing project managers with information capture during project assessments, our professional scribes can help you meet your project goals.

We provide scribing and recording services for:

• Risk assessments
• Peer reviews
• Structured or facilitated meetings
• Project assessments
• User group reviews

Shea scribes are proficient in scribing software programs including PHAWorks, PHA-Pro, and Excel and Word templates for information capture. With our range of scribing services, we can help you before the meeting begins and continue to help you after it concludes.

We don’t just generate reports-we also

• Determine templates and formats for worksheets, reports, session aids, and action item trackers.
• Develop an editing checklist to create and maintain consistency in the documentation.
• Provide document control standards and develop a process for interface.
• Develop a document management system and provide support for storing and managing documents.

Our scribing services feature:

• Real-time transcription of meeting discussions for clear and concise reports.
• Option of seeing and approving the records as they are being created.
• Organizational assistance (e.g., P&IDs, team rosters).
• Various support functions (e.g., Pre-HAZOP information loading, post-HAZOP report generation.