Technical Writing

At its core, technical writing is the practice of communicating essential information to an intended audience or end-user.

It is a simple but important mission, and we have accumulated decades of experience in its pursuit, building technical documentation for individuals and industry-leading clients alike. We recognize the continued importance of written media to capture generations of knowledge, explain a product, guide actions and behaviors, or express policy.

No matter what form of technical writing we produce, it’s critical that it is engineered to help readers rapidly access the information they need, and act upon it.

Document Types

To determine the type of document you need, you must first determine the scope and audience of the document:

  • Scope – What type of information do you need to communicate?
  • Audience – Who will be reading and using the document?

We can help you determine the best type of document to write. Explanations and examples of the most common document types are provided here. Click each document type below to learn more.

  • Procedures

  • Work Instructions

  • Processes

  • Plans

  • Guidelines

  • Policies

  • Manuals

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