Training and Instructional Design

Our instructional design and training services help make sure that your employees have the skills and knowledge to perform at the highest level. We develop materials that help to close the gap between the performance you require and what employees are capable of doing.

Shea Writing & Training Solutions provides a complete suite of training services, from assessing training needs to developing programs and delivering customized workshops. Our approach to training is based on the Instructional Systems Development (ISD) process. This best practice approach to training is really an ‘engineering approach,’ which ensures that both the training design and the training that is delivered are based on an object assessment of the desired outcomes-in most cases, competent job performance.

Analysis and Assessment
We use these assessment and analyses types:

• Organizational performance needs assessment to identify the critical areas for improvement.
• Performance gap analysis to determine the root cause of a performance gap:
• Instructional design analysis (if necessary) to close a knowledge or skills deficit
• Job-task analysis to define the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for a new or revised role

Instructional Design and Development
We can help you develop an overall program design that includes program content, sequence, instructional methods, and assessment methods and then develop the program materials to support program delivery, including:

• Facilitator guides or lesson plans
• Student workbooks
• Self-study materials
• Verbal or written examinations
• Competency or skill assessments
• On-the-job training guides and job aids
• Visual aids
• Audio or video scripts

Shea has developed training materials to support instructor-led, self-paced, blended learning or online courseware for a range of technical topics, corporate policies, initiatives, and regulatory-mandated training.

Implementation & Delivery
We have our own methodology for training delivery, called Learner Owned Training (LOT).
LOT accelerates time-to-competency and increases retention, and includes:

• High involvement and high retention delivery for today’s work-based learners.
• Instructional design basics.
• Improved education and training content from avoiding PowerPoint to using PowerPoint in a more powerful way.
• Training that is designed for multiple generations in the workplace.

Shea can also assist with the assessment of an existing training program to determine any opportunities for improvement based on the following:

• Assessment test results
• Management of change revisions
• Training feedback results
• Instructor or Facilitator evaluations

Shea also offers a range of standard courses and webinars including:

  • Technical Writing

  • Email Etiquette


  • Grammar

  • Process and Procedure Writing


  • MS Word Template Training