Our clients believe technical writing is a valuable skill that increases productivity, accuracy, and clarity within their organization and for their customers.

Course Overview

During the technical writing workshop, participants increase their awareness of the fundamental techniques for technical writing and business writing. Participants bring their own work-related documents and apply what they are learning to their documents. The facilitator provides guidance and feedback to the participants as they practice their new knowledge and skills. Participants also practice a set of Microsoft Word functions that increase writing effectiveness and decrease formatting problems.
Prior to the course, participants complete a grammar self-assessment. The course facilitator uses the results for the group as a whole to focus instruction on particular grammar topics.
After two days of instruction, the facilitator reviews and provides one-on-one feedback to the participants about their outlines and their document revisions.


The technical writing course is a two-day commitment; the course day is eight hours, six of which are instruction, practice, and feedback. Course days can be scheduled consecutively or at intervals. 


Up to 10 participants for a primary facilitator

 Up to 20 participants hosted by two facilitators.

Intended Audience

• Auditors
• Business managers
• Engineers
• IT professionals
• Project managers
• Documentation specialists
• Operations specialists


  • Audience Analysis
  • Document Design and Readability
  • Grammar: Subject–Verb Agreement, Active Voice
  • Document Structure
  • Being Clear, Concise, and Consistent
  • Outlining
  • Editing
  • Building Tables
  • Bullets and Parallelism
  • Selected Microsoft Word Skills

Method of Delivery

We provide on-site technical writing workshops at your location. We have also developed online-based training materials for this course to allow our facilitator to virtually support groups of attendees.


Each participant receives the Technical Writing Guide, which is the course workbook and a set of Quick Reference Cards for reference after the course. 

Each participant must bring a computer or work tablet that supports Microsoft Word and a work-specific document to work on during the technical writing traning.