Are you writing more processes, procedures, reports, or technical papers than you expected?

Are your reports highly technical and too complicated for others to understand? Do you know how everything works and now you have been tasked with documenting it all? Is English your second language?

Our Technical Writing Workshop will provide you with skills and resources that develop efficiencies in technical writing to help you present your content clearly and accurately.

This workshop is delivered to NASA engineers regularly and can be found in course catalogues for several Fortune 500 companies in the Energy Industry. These companies believe technical writing is a valuable skill, so they offer this workshop to their employees to increase productivity, accuracy, and clarity within their organization. 

Only twice a year, this workshop is open to the public!

Course Overview

During the technical writing workshop, participants increase their awareness of the fundamental techniques for technical writing and business writing. Participants can bring their own work-related documents (or use one of our sample documents) and apply what they are learning to their documents. The facilitator provides guidance and feedback to the participants as they practice their new knowledge and skills. Participants also practice a set of Microsoft Word functions that increase writing effectiveness and decrease formatting problems.

Prior to the course, participants complete a grammar self-assessment. The course facilitator uses the results for the group as a whole to focus instruction on particular grammar topics.

After two days of instruction, the facilitator reviews and provides one-on-one feedback to the participants about their outlines and their document revisions.

November 6, 2024
9am - 4pm



These are a few of the topics that are addresses during the Public Technical Writing Workshop. If you would like like a full list of topics, please email us at

  • Audience Analysis
  • Document Design and Readability
  • Grammar: Subject–Verb Agreement, Active Voice
  • Document Structure
  • Being Clear, Concise, and Consistent
  • Outlining
  • Editing
  • Building Tables
  • Bullets and Parallelism
  • Selected Microsoft Word Skills


Each participant receives the Technical Writing Guide, which is the course workbook and a set of Quick Reference Cards for reference after the course. 

Each participant must have Microsoft Word and a work-specific document to work on during the technical writing training.