Clear and accurate documentation uses time efficiently, saves money, and increases customer satisfaction.

Our Technical Writing Workshop is delivered to NASA engineers regularly and can be found in course catalogues for several Fortune 500 companies in the Energy Industry. These companies believe technical writing is a valuable skill for their employees to have that increases productivity, accuracy, and clarity within their organization and for their customers.

FedEx rewrote its operations manuals, cutting the time cost of finding the correct information by 80 percent, which translated to $400,000 in savings in the first year. And that’s not counting the business benefits from users who couldn’t find the correct information in the old manuals.

The Federal Communications Commission of the United States had five full-time staff members to answer questions about CB radio regulations from the public. When the FCC reworked their regulations to use easily understood language, they were able to reassign all five staff members.

General Electric found that, after rewriting their software manuals, calls from customers with questions dropped an average of 125 per day. GE estimates they save $375,000 per customer with the reduced need for clarification.

Our Technical Writing Workshop will: 
  • Increase compliance, performance, and outcomes.
  • Reduce liability and risk.
  • Increase your revenue with documents that establish your authority over your competition.
  • Increase your chances of having your technical article accepted for publication.
  • Increase your chances of having your proposal be funded.

The workshop is offered in-house to companies and publicly twice a year for individuals.

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