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Tip 19: Jim Bob’s Grammar Mistakes

How many grammar mistakes can you find in Jim Bob’s letter to Santa?

Dear Santa: Its that time of year again so Im sending you my list of things I want for christmas. It won’t take a FBI investigation for you to no that I haven’t been perfect but I have been awful good for a guy that lives with four woman. So heres my list

1. I need a new dear rifle. And some anumition.
2. Ear plug or other soundblocking equipment would be a good idea (see my second sentence above).
3. The bedliner in my pickup truck is busted. Do you carry bediners.
4. I all ready have plenty ties. You can skip that item this year
5. Half my tools is missing because I tend to lend them out alot.
6. Whosever borrowed my wheelbarrow left it in they’re driveway and it got took.
7. For my dog I need some dead foul trainers a sent injecter kit and a silent whistle
8. I could use some flannel bedsheets for my wife and myself
9. A book which don’t have two many words in it so I can finish it by next christmas.

Well thats it Mr Claus. I no your busy so I’ll sign of for now. I think this list is doable.

Sincerly, Jim Bob
(You’re biggest fan)