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Tip 31: Calculating Numerical Expressions in Word

You can quickly calculate values based on numbers in a selection in a Word document. For instance, you could highlight text such as 14*7+7 and quickly calculate that the answer is 105.

To add a button for calculating numbers, to the Quick Access Toolbar,
follow these steps if you are using Word 2007:

1. Click the ‘Office’ button and then click ‘Word Options.’ Word displays the Word Options dialog box.
2. At the left of the dialog box, choose ‘Customize.’
3. Using the ‘Choose Commands From’ drop-down list, choose ‘Commands Not in the Ribbon.’
4. Locate and select the ‘Calculate’ command in the list of commands.
5. Click the ‘Add’ button. The command moves to the right side of the dialog box.
Click ‘OK.’

If you are using an older version of Word, follow these steps instead:

1. Choose Customize from the ‘Tools’ menu. Word displays the ‘Customize’ dialog box.
2. Select the ‘Commands’ tab.
3. In the list of ‘Categories,’ choose ‘Tools.’
4. In the list of ‘Commands,’ select ‘Tools Calculate.’
5. Drag the ‘Tools Calculate’ command from the dialog box, dropping it in any toolbar you desire.
6. Click on ‘Close’ to dismiss the ‘Customize’ dialog box.

To use the tool, simply highlight the expression you want to calculate, and then click on the tool. Word shows the calculated value in the status bar, and it places the value in the Clipboard. You can now paste the value anywhere you desire.Thank you to Allen Wyatt for this Word tip.