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Tip 32: Assure, Insure, Ensure

The verbs ‘assure,’ ‘insure,’ and ‘ensure’ share a similar meaning-“to make certain or secure.” They aren’t completely interchangeable, though. Learning their differences will ensure your company’s assurance in your ability to insure documents against mistakes.
Assure-to build confidence or remove stress.
He assured her that everything was fine.
Insure-to protect against financial loss or to take protective steps beforehand.
People in Tornado Alley should insure their homes against wind damage.
Ensure-to guarantee.
Having a membership card will ensure your entry into the theater.
‘Ensure’ is not a synonym for ‘check’ and can sound weak compared to other verbs. If you’re considering using ‘ensure,’ see if any of the following underlined words fit better first.
Verify that the papers are properly filed.
It’s his job to confirm that all safety standards have been met.
Whoever leaves last, make sure that the lights are turned off.