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Tip 50:Did you know . . .

  • All of-Except with pronouns, ‘of’ is unnecessary (e.g., ‘all the shoes,’ but ‘all of them’).
  • As to whether-whether or not-Whether is usually sufficient.
  • Commence or initiate-Use ‘begin’ or ‘start’ instead.
  • Currently, presently-Currently means it is happening now-Presently means it will happen soon.
  • Data takes a plural verb. Datum is singular and takes a singular verb.
  • Due to the fact that-Use ‘because’ instead.
  • Etc.-Means ‘and so forth’ and should be used at the end of a list that makes clear exactly what kinds of other things are implied. It is not correct when it is used at the end of a list introduced by ‘such as,’ ‘for example,’ or ‘e.g.’
  • ‘Irregardless’ is incorrect. Use ‘regardless’ instead.
  • A knot is 1 nautical mile (6,076.1 ft. or 1852 m) per hour. The expression ‘knots per hour’ is redundant.
  • Majority/Minority-Use only when referring to numbers of things, not to size.
  • Only-‘Only’ goes next to the word it modifies. The same rule applies to primarily, largely, principally, mainly, partly, and completely.
  • Since-Implies the passage of time; use ‘because’ when meaning ‘the reason for.’
  • Subsequent to-Use ‘after.’
  • Under way is two words.
  • Unique means without equal. There can be no degrees of uniqueness. Thus almost unique, totally unique, partially unique, etc., are incorrect.
  • Via-Means by way of in a geographical sense, not by means of.