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Tip 51: Any more versus Anymore: Which is correct?

Here’s the deal. There are basically three schools of thought regarding the use of any more and anymore:

  1. Anymore is a misspelling of any more. Don’t do it.
  2. Anymore and any more are just two ways of spelling the same thing. Don’t worry about it. Just be consistent in your writing.
  3. Anymore and any more have distinct differences in meaning and should be used accordingly:
    a. Anymore means any longer or nowadays. Let’s not do this anymore.
    b. Any more means something additional or further. I don’t want any more wine or cheese.

I do find it irritating that when I use any more as two words, MS Word tends to underline it with a blue squiggly line and prompts me to spell it as one word. Remember that software, as wonderful as it is, isn’t always correct about grammar. (Yes, really!)

Just in case you are wondering, the Grammar Goddess doesn’t like anymore as one word. She always writes it as two words and ignores the meddling of MS Word.

Thanks, Susan Clark, for the suggestion to use this topic in our Timely Tips. I learned a lot!

Tip created by Rhonda Cavender, Grammar Goddess (Sr. Editor for Shea Writing & Training Solutions)