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Tip 58: Inserting Tabs in a Table

Yes, Virginia, You CAN Put Tabs in a Table!

You may already know this, but it’s new to me. I have found that if I try to ‘Tab’ within a table, Word just takes me to the next cell in the table. If I am at the end of the table, pressing ‘Tab’ adds a new row.

But you CAN insert tabs within a table, and it’s very easy!

  1. Make sure that the ruler at the top of the page is visible. (If it isn’t, choose View>Ruler from the menu.)
  2. Put your cursor inside the cell that you want to put the tab into.
  3. Using the left button of your mouse, click on the ruler where you want your tab to be. You should see an ‘L’ on the ruler.
  4. Press CTRL + Tab.
  5. Voila!

You will have to repeat these steps if you want the tab in other rows of your column OR highlight the entire column and insert your tab into the ruler.

These steps work in all versions of Word.