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Tip 7: Email Etiquette

NEVER type in all capitals. It’s the same thing as screaming!

ALWAYS edit forwarded messages. Make sure that it is appropriate for the person to whom you are sending it and that it doesn’t get the original sender in trouble! Also, get rid of any information that isn’t necessary to the message. No one wants to scroll down pages and pages of names and email addresses to get to the message of the email.

One or two word emails are seldom necessary. Responses such as “Thanks” or “Bye” are polite in conversation, but they are not necessary in emails.

DO NOT attach read or delivery receipts to all of your emails.

Be careful before you send your email “reply all.”

If you are sending an email for information only, put that person’s name in the “Cc” field.

Use Bcc thoughtfully. . .

In rare cases when you do not wish the other recipients to know to whom you have copied the message. Be very careful about this.

When you are forwarding a message to more than one person but don’t want to expose the names and email addresses of everyone to whom you are sending the message.