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Tip 8: His, Her, He, She, and Their

One of the ‘sticky’ issues in writing has to do with:
Do I Use ‘his’?
Do I use ‘her’?
Do I use ‘his/her’?
Do I use ‘he or she’?
Do I use their?

According to the Handbook of Technical Writing (eighth edition), “Sexism [do we have your attention now?] can creep into your writing by the unthinking use of male or female pronouns where a reference could apply equally to a man or a woman” (Alred 50).

Don’t say . . .
Every engineer will receive his paycheck after lunch.
Instead, say . . .
All engineers will receive their paychecks after lunch.

Don’t say . . .
Everyone must email his report by September 2.
Instead, say . . .
Everyone must email a report by September 2.

(You wouldn’t want to leave anyone out, would you?)