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Technical Writing Guide for Technical Writing Workshop - Shea Date: 2020 dates to be confirmed

Time: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day

Early-bird pricing: $1195.00

Regular pricing: $1295.00

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Our popular Technical Writing Workshop includes tools, techniques, and best practices gleaned from over 20 years of providing businesses with technical writing services.

One reason our classes are so successful is that during the class, participants have an opportunity to apply the concepts from the course in their own documents and receive immediate feedback from the facilitator.  Our facilitator will direct participants to work on their documents whenever a module lends itself to that kind of activity. For example:

  • After the module on tables, the facilitator will direct participants to review their documents to decide whether they have included any tables and whether the tables are set up according to the best practices discussed during the module. The participants will then be directed to look for additional opportunities within the narrative text to translate text into tables and improve readability.
  • After the module on headings, participants will be directed to review their documents to see whether there are opportunities to break up the text and add headings.

Who should attend the Technical Writing Workshop?

  • Auditors
  • Business managers
  • Engineers
  • IT professionals
  • Project managers
  • Documentation specialists
  • Operations specialists

The Technical Writing Workshop offers:

  • A refresher for writing skills for reports, proposals, presentations, technical papers, procedures, and policies.
  • A grammar and punctuation skills refresher.
  • Time-saving and accuracy-improving editing techniques.
  • Tips for helpful Microsoft Word® functions that can make the writing process easier.
  • Job aids that can help you write concisely and clearly.
  • Personal copies of both our Technical Writing Guide and the Handbook of Technical Writing for each participant.
  • An opportunity for you to bring a current document project to work on during the course so that you can receive feedback from our technical writers.

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