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What’s Your Email Reputation?

Course Overview

Have you damaged relationships with a colleague or a customer because of a ‘Reply all’ mishap or because your ‘tone’ was misconstrued?

During the four-hour What’s Your Email Reputation? course, the facilitator challenges participants to rethink certain email behaviors (e.g., the use of Reply All, poorly written subject lines, requesting a read receipt) that may hinder communication among colleagues and with clients. Participants learn new email writing guidelines and techniques as well as Microsoft Outlook tips to improve their email communication.

Course Topics

Participants will learn about efficient and effective communication in each phase of the email cycle:

  • Receiving email: email management
  • Reading email: pet peeves; should you reply via email
  • Responding or initiating email:
    – Anticipating your email recipient’s response
    – Considering your tone
    – Using Reply/Reply All
    – Providing clear, concise, and action-oriented content
    – Including greetings and closing
  • Sending email:
    – Proofreading
    – Selecting recipients
    – Including attachments
    – Checking before you press Send

After completing the course attendees will be equipped with the tools needed to successfully manage their email communications and build a more positive and professional email reputation.


$2,800 for up to 20 Participants*

*For classes within the Houston Metro Area. Classes outside this area are subject to additional travel costs and expenses.

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