Topic: Virtual Meeting Best Practices
Date: May 12, 2020
Time: 1:30 PM (CST)

In light of social distancing recommendations and more people working remotely, information about the etiquette for participating in virtual meetings is becoming more widely relevant. This presentation covers some best practices for working with others while in various locations and, specifically, tips and tricks for having productive virtual meetings.

Like any business meeting, scheduling and preparing is key to facilitating a productive virtual meeting. By focusing on the upfront work, you can be respectful of everyone’s time and effectively collaborate with co-workers and clients from a distance. Attention to detail and patience are vital when learning new software, especially when working with others who may also be engaging with these technologies for the first time. But, when used effectively, online platforms allow us to meet more efficiently and continue being productive from home.

In this presentation, we discuss how to prepare for and run a virtual meeting to minimize distractions and focus on the purpose of the meeting. Topics covered include:

  • The advantages of virtual meetings
  • Teleconference software considerations
  • Similarities with face-to-face meeting etiquette
  • How to accommodate audio-only meetings

Our goal is to reduce stress and streamline your virtual meeting practices so that you can focus on communicating well with others and doing your job successfully. You can also read our blog post here.

The Webinar begins in:

2020/05/12 13:30:00

Presenter Bio

Jordan Flippin
Bio Picture

Ms. Flippin’s career in technical writing and editing spans more than 9 years, beginning with developing a regulatory manual for a mid-size oil and gas company in Houston, Texas and expanding to work with clients in numerous industries located all around the world.

She has been working remotely for the past 5 years, during which time she has frequently facilitated and attended web-based meetings on platforms such as Zoom, GoTo Meetings, Skype, and Webex. She has successfully completed multiple projects that required continual virtual interaction with all levels of personnel, from support staff members to company executives and leadership. Ms. Flippin works collaboratively with her clients to establish clear communication patterns based on best practices from her experience, extending to all client and peer communications, including virtual meetings.

Ms. Flippin earned her Bachelors in English from Harding University and her Masters in English and American Literature from the University of Houston.

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