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document with edits

Editing Choices You May Have Overlooked

When writing a document (or a series of documents), a host of decisions need to be made before your fingers ever make contact with the keyboard. Chances are you’ve already made some choices about how […]

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Tolkien Reading Day

My first experience with J.R.R. Tolkien was not on a temperate spring day like March 25. Rather, I first picked up a Tolkien novel because of an assigned summer reading project during the stifling season […]

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Virtual Meeting Best Practices

In light of social distancing recommendations and more people working remotely, tips about the etiquette for participating in virtual meetings are becoming more widely applicable. As someone who works remotely and regularly communicates with clients across the country and […]

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blackboard with English Grammar parts of speech

National Grammar Day

Admittedly, National Grammar Day is not the best-known holiday in March. The reasons and ways to celebrate a day dedicated to grammar may not be as self-evident as other more obscure holidays like National Napping […]

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