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Benefits of using a Technical Writer

Technical writing is typically used in scientific or technical fields such as engineering or IT. A technical writer specializes in developing, organizing, and editing specialized content. They may not necessarily have expert level knowledge in […]

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Tips for Using MS Word: Built-in versus Custom Styles

Templates are great tools, especially if you are creating a series of documents that require the same structure, such as standard operating procedures (SOPs) or engineering standards. Word provides built‑in styles, such as font size […]

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Health and Safety Training Development - Shea

Technical Documents: How many do you recognize?

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Employee Training Manual Development - Shea Writing & Training

How to Onboard New Employees Quickly in Your Manufacturing Facility

One of the most frustrating aspects of running a manufacturing facility is losing people from the lines of your production floor. If you don’t have the right people in the right place, you risk missing […]

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