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Usability Engineering for User Documents?

What is usability engineering? Usability engineering is based on cognitive research and the psychology of human behavior. Usability engineering for documentation reduces comprehension errors and therefore improves performance. What are user documents? Policies, standards, guidelines, […]

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Basic Principles of Technical Writing

Every now and then, we need revisit the basic principles of technical writing. Since we started in 1997, the basic principles of technical writing have stayed the same, even as the modes of communication change. […]

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What is Technical Writing? A Beginner’s View

You know that person? The one who points out the punctuation errors in movie captions, or edits their church bulletin during the sermon, or sighs when you type “should of” in a group email? That […]

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The $100 Million Hyphen

In 1962, NASA launched the Mariner 1 spacecraft, beginning what was meant to be a mission to Venus over the next several months. That mission, however, ended much sooner than anticipated—less than five minutes after […]

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